Episode 39b We love the Fall part 2


Hello folks sorry for the delays Life got a bit hectic for ole Kal and with the holidays coming up Bekki and I will be busy. But here is the second half of episode 39. We plan on getting another cast out before the Thanksgiving Holiday as well and if you are looking to be a guest hit us up at kalari@mmosmacktalk.com for me or grampybone131@gmail.com for Bekki we are looking to talk to you :)

Now onto the show!

Click here-Listen or Download
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Show run time: 1 hour 8 minutes

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Episode 39A- We love the fall! Part one


Welcome back to Kals den, after another break to get settled into my mew job Bekki and I are back to talk, games TV and other geeky fun. Hope you all enjoy.

Intro- We talk about whats been going on since the last taping job wise, Kals new job, Bekki’s job and how the government shut downs made running to our favorite past times much easier. Consoles are coming PS4 and Xbox one, Plus its a great time for TV!

Game talk- Up and coming releases we are all waiting for.

PS4 and Xbox one, Season 2 of the walking dead by tale tell games, Link between worlds gamers have a ton of games to look forward to coming up for Christmas. Bekki and I discuss Kenny from TWD video games alive or dead what we love and did not love so much about him.

TV and Movie talk-

Bekki tells it like it is about Iron man 3, he actually gives a rant woo I am rubbing off on him. Kal talks Agents of shield and we get into parental responsibility when it comes to exposing kids to prime time tv.

Kal wraps it up the second half of episode 39 coming soon!

Now onto the show

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Show run time: 1 hr 32 mins

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Epsiode 38 the raw cut

Hello Kals Den listeners Bekki and I put together another great show for you, listed below are the notes Bekki put together for the podcast to. Its a bit late due to my new job but it is available to you in raw form. Next show will be edited though just still getting into the swing of things. Oh and a special bonus my Youtube petition for the upcoming Gamersaurs Podcast! Check it all out and enjoy the show.

Kal’s Den Episode 38:

Bekki’s Show Notes:

To borrow from Sig and Anne; “What cha’ been doing?”

Happy belated father’s day.

New and Upcoming Games: released at E3

Battlefield 4
Halo 5!
Bayonetta 2 (Wii U exclusive)
Destiny – Available on PS3 and Xbox 360.
(But some uproar over the fact that it is not available on PC.)
Forza Motorsport 5, Mario Kart 8, Rayman Ledgends,
The Crew
Tom Clancy’s “The Division
The Witcher 3
Tiatanfall and, Last but certainly not least Watchdogs.

Some up and coming games I am stoked about are:
The Walking Dead “400 days” DLC (Due out soon.)

The Walking Dead Season 2 (Due out in September/ October timeframe)
Assassins Creed: Black Flag

Bekki tries “The Last of Us” and Loves it! In fact he thinks he like it better than (eek!) Bioshock Infinite!

Click here for his full review

Kal gives her “Reaping the Benefits” Wrap- up.

Main topic:

Thoughts on a possible Fallout MMO.

We talk the Walking Dead 400 days, and Walking Dead Game season 2

Links to the games discussed here today:

The Walking Dead 400 days can be found at.
400 Days DLC

And info on the Walking Dead season two, can be found on the same site.
The Walking Dead Tell Tale Games

Information on the game “The last of us” can be found at
The Last of Us

Tom Clancy’s The Division can be found at…
The Division

Information on all of the Games referenced today can be found can be found at http://www.gamespot.com/ (in the E3 wrap-up section).


Now onto the show:

Listen or Download (Right click and save as to Download cast)

Show runtime 1:45 mins (unedited content)

Bonus Kal’s Youtube video looking for Guests for the Gamersaurs podcast:

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Reaping the Benefits- A charity RPG event


Its that time again folks, I know I’ve mentioned it on the cast before but today marks my 3rd participation in the Hunger Games charity RPG event. Based on the Novels of Suzanne Collins the hunger games pits young contestants in a battle for survival. This year I am gender bending and playing young Lav (Lavender) Plume, a young man with a big chip on his shoulder from District 8. We are fired up to play this rpg campaign and raise money for Child’s Play charity which is an awesome charity that brings the gift of gaming to terminally ill children in hospitals around the globe. So if you are a fan of table top and want to listen to an event that has drama, action and death come to the Reaping the benefits website and prepare yourself for the fun.


Home Page where you can find out the whole story

The RTB Forums a cool place to hang out

Reaping the benefits Donation page– District 8 could use some love :)


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Episode 37: G is for gaming

g is for gaming
Hello everyone episode 37 here and Bekki and I talked about gaming during the upcoming holiday weekend. Game expansions, updates our likes and dislikes. Neverwinter how playing it was not what we expected and several other fun topics including family gaming. So tune in and enjoy.

Show breakdown-

We talk about our memorial day plans

Gamer news-

Lotro’s latest update Treachery of the White Hand is live- Developer notes

Wotc launches 2 new mobile games D&D Arena of War and GI joe Battleground

Lets talk DDO’s New expansion compared to last years Shadowfall vs MOTU and why Kal wont buy the new xpac yet even with Pseudodragons.

Neverwinter how that game pulled us both in, with lore and just a new take on D&D for Kal.

Family gaming, what do you play with your family *special guest James*

Tv round up- Abc’s shield is on the much watch list for the fall, the return of falling skies, Bekki’s tv picks. River monsters my son’s favorite show and Bekki likes it to.

Shout outs and props to friends (Note partway through the pc shut completely down due to overheating, while most of the show recovered I had to try to record an ending with Bekki that was lost. Hopefully next show will have less issues).

Now onto the show

Listen or Download (Right click and save as to Download cast)

Show run time: 2hr 9 min

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Episode 37 still being edited

:( Sorry folks Bekki and I taped the show last Saturday but my editing for sound and the issue I had being knocked offline for a bit is still underway. I will try to have the cast up by tomorrow afternoon the latest. Sadly some of the “news” and other topics we talked about will be a week old but it was still entertaining!

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Episode 36- Changes whether we want them or not…

In this episode we talk about changes to DDO that we really had no say in, vs those we might

(emphasis on might) have a chance to affect. This was a live taping so you may hear some things I

did not have a lot of time this week to work on sound edits but Bekki and I really hit some

interesting topics.


Gamersaurs giveaways: this summer Gamersaurs magazine will be in Beta code give away glory. First

up is Dragon’s Prophets:Dragons Prophet beta giveaway

Next is Gnomoria: Gnormoria giveaway

Check them out for your chance to play with us in these fun titles.

*note this news was found out after the fact so is not in the cast*

DDO topics:

Bekki and Kal discuss the forum’s down time and change over to new system.

Account security changes why we felt this is a step in the wrong direction.

Enhancement pass Alpha, the good the bad and the bleh.

Upcoming expansions, are we being over saturated with the new?

Other gaming topics:

Defiance the tv show have you watched? Defiance the mmo and what is that about playing well getting

you into the show? Inquiring minds want to know.

Walking dead withdrawals..oh October when will you get here?

Kalari and Bekki would love your feed back you can reach us with questions or comments in the

comments sections or at the following:

Bekki- grampybone131@gmail.com

Kalari- kalari@mmosmacktalk.com

These are especially good for those who want to be guests on the show!

Now onto the show:

Listen or Download (Right click and save as to Download cast)

Show run time: 2 hrs 4 mins

Show is unedited so there maybe language that is not appropriate for all listeners.

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Episode 35 The walking dead support group!


Hello Peeps Kalari and Bekki here to present to you our Walking dead themed Den. In this episode we discuss the following:

The season 3 series finale- our likes our shocks our dislikes
Andrea- agree or disagree with what happened the characters fate is discussed.
Carl- has he become a psychopath? His first confirmed human kill says YES!
Talking dead and why it rocks!
Differences between the comic and Television of the prison arc and character stories and why its okay for it to be different.
Bekki takes us threw the James Bond series to explain why its cool to have a different version of the same series for the big screen.
Defiance, has the walking dead influenced a new rash of multi format shows?
The governor…ugh nuff said
The Dixon’s: Why Merle why? Darryl’s pain
Romancing the dead? Couple hook ups on the horizon, Will Glaggie (Glenn and Maggie) survive season 4?
Predictions for season 4
Movies- What is your favorite version of horror, serious or horror comedy and why Texas chainsaw Massacre II and III sucked and anything after Saw III is garbage (Kal’s opinion).
Highlander what the heck did they do with that series….
The walking dead games, from the awesome season 1 of the Tale Tell games series, to Survival instincts.
Why we love Clementine and how we cried like babies after episode 5.
Options in TWD games
What kind of character would you be like in a zombie apocalypse? Which weapons would you use? I picked Michonne, Bekki picked Alice from Resident evil.
A walking dead mmo..yes please!
Shout outs and promise of more fun casts to come!


*Warning this show contains a massive amount of spoilers for the TV series, comics and video games, if you are one of those who have not enjoyed these formats or are behind, this is not the cast you are looking for*

Now Enjoy the show:

Listen or Download (Right click and save as to Download cast)

Show run time: 2hr 6 min

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Special Episode II- All things and Inbetween the second half

Greetings Listeners!

Had a bit of a delay but part II of the mega cast is now ready for your listening pleasure.

*Note I will be going back to work on old shows with the Levelator program but currently have to convert them to wav files so it will take a bit before this gets underway.*

New show format coming next week, The Den gets a new co-host and we are going to talk everything Walking Dead to kick off the Season 3 season finale!

On with the Show:



Show run time: 2hr 34 mins

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Special Episode 34a- All things and in between part I

Hey there Kalari here I had a blast this weekend with both Bekki and Leslie WestGuitargod we talked everything D&D, DDO, NWO and beyond in the first half we tackle the 3 day maintenance that shut down Turbine games and had a furor brewing.

Then we move on to things we love about DDO what needs to be improved and our favorite races.

We cover DDO compared to other mmo’s including Champions online, SWTOR and NWO.

Lore why isn’t there more covered in DDO?

Dungeons and Dragons online classic module shop.

Guilds and the DDO Community why it has kept us even when we thought about quitting.

Now onto the show:



Run time: 2 hrs 05 mins

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